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Our Specialty:  HOME-BAKED BREAD !



Mode of production and characteristics of our bread:

In the Green Coffee Shop, our bread is baked like in traditional times, which means entirely handmade and slow-baking in a solid, massive stone oven, with continuously falling heat and total renouncement of chemical additives, baking aids and coloring materials. Farmer Bread is made from a proprietary natural sourdough, water and sea salt.


Due to the particularly slow dough and bake slowly at continuously decreasing heat, an unmistakable flavor is created. The bread gets a very juicy crumb and a crispy crust. Only with a crustal thickness of at least 4 millimeters the bread develops its flavor and thus its full flavor potential.


The natural flavor coat stores particularly the freshness inside the bread loaf for a long time. Since handmade, each bread is unique and becomes through the old rediscovered craft a taste experience for the real bread gourmet.


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