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The Famous Meeting Point at KOH YAO NOI Island - Thailand



Where home-made bread and delicious cake meets friendly people


Why   Coffee Shop?   Because ”Green” simply fits perfectly into the landscape.

Our “garden-cafe-style” Café is entirely furnished in green. Just sit down and relax below a canopy of palm tree leaves, between flowers and green plants. Admire the sea and the beautiful surrounding islands - a wonderful view which one really will enjoy.


The Green Coffee Shop is a small Café, seating not more than 15 guests. A small place, but nevertheless - a fine one.
A place with a sense of well-being. The service staff is very friendly and there is always time and an open ear to answer questions or wishes.



Not more than approximately 10 steps down to the shores, you'll find a small white sandy beach at low-tide. A place  inviting to relax. Close enough to the Café, to conveniently get back to pick up some more drinks or special dainties if you like.

What are the characteristics of the Green Coffee Shop?

The Café is well known for its comprehensive and excellent breakfast. It is probably one of the best, or the best at all. One can select a variety of breads, as you like - entirely of own production and baked to old recipes, originating in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Many different dainties are baked in traditional manner in a massive stone oven. A real taste experience ! Old memories awake again, of times where peasants or good bakers created delicious bread and cakes. Also Croissants or rolls are served. In addition there is butter, jam or honey. Eggs are entirely prepared to your taste. If desired, there is also cheese or sausage available and of course a cup of delicious hot coffee, fresh grounded with an excellent crema will be served.



More to be found in our picture gallery here (to come...)

For a light breakfast original Müsli, Cornflakes, curd cheese and fruits are available. Whether seasonal or not, there is surely something delicious among for your taste.


Special wishes, not listed at the menu are gladly accepted, whenever possible ! Naturally there is also a late breakfast for "late riser owls".


What else is offered beside a delicious breakfast ?
A large selection of Coffee Specialties. The full range from Espresso up to Cappuccino and Macchiato - almost every coffee a coffee enthusiast can expect. Also Coffee Corretto -as Irish-, Scotch-, Black Jack or Bailey Coffee.


Each cup of coffee is freshly ground !.




  Hm.. yes - there is delicious cake too !


We can spoil you all day long with fresh cake and pastry of own production, baked according to European recipes. A variety of cheese cakes, fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, Black Forest and some other cakes and pastries. All cakes are prepared with love and care by hand.

This also means: We do not use finished preparations or artificial additions but produce our sweet lusciousness in traditional kind.Special attention is given particularly to a careful and clean processing of original raw materials, such as fruits, the finest butter, to fragrant spices...


...and all that you will see, smell and taste !


More to be found in our picture gallery below:


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Our Specialty:  HOME-BAKED BREAD !


Mode of production and characteristics of our bread:

In the Green Coffee Shop, our bread is baked like in traditional times, which means entirely handmade and slow-baking in a solid, massive stone oven, with continuously falling heat and total renouncement of chemical additives, baking aids and coloring materials.

Farmer Bread is made from a proprietary natural sourdough, water and sea salt.


More to be found in our picture gallery below:


Due to the particularly slow dough and bake slowly at continuously decreasing heat, an unmistakable flavor is created. The bread gets a very juicy crumb and a crispy crust. Only with a crustal thickness of at least 4 millimeters the bread develops its flavor and thus its full flavor potential.


The natural flavor coat stores particularly the freshness inside the bread loaf for a long time. Since handmade, each bread is unique and becomes through the old rediscovered craft a taste experience for the real bread gourmet.





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Are there other culinary delights?

YES, there are: We offer a large assortment of Sundaes, Milk shakes, Smoothies and a variety of selected Cocktails.
For the small hunger snacks are available and small lunches. In addition an abundant variety of alcohol-free beverages and of course wine and beer.


Why does everything at the Green Coffee Shop taste so good?


The secret is easily explained. It means:

  • Pure natural products of best quality,
  • no artificial flavors
  • Traditional manual work
  • Traditional recipes from Europe
  • Love for the occupation. It is our pleasure, to produce really good things

  Come and check us out ! 

Visit our Green Coffee Shop.


Here you can enjoy, indulge, meet nice people - in short; Feel good. A wonderful view, warm light, lovely decoration, and not least our friendly service make a perfect setting for small-outs, which make life simply delicious.


We hope that all information you receive here and the actualities we promise induce you to visit us. You will enjoy it to your full satisfaction.






Right next door you will also find our PS - PA Sai Mini Mart! Here you can stock up on various goodies for the return journey and for a pleasant evening. We have on stock, soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, wine, liquor, snacks, cookies and more.



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Look forward to meeting us, we look forward to seeing you! Cheers and welcome

Your Green Coffee Shop Team


Our Address:

Koh Yao Noi

Pasai Beach Road (Close to Villaguna)

Tel.: 089 003 2206







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